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Nilan @ 2016-08-24, 17:50
Patch announcement

Nilan @ 2016-08-22, 15:49
IMPORTANT! Change of bank account numbers
Shorter waiting time for promotion.
Payment in USD available.

Bank account numbers to payment for Premium has been changed.
Name of section "Z-Fighters" on forum has been changed to "Premium".
Updated FAQ in Premium section.

Since now Premium will be added everyday from Monday to Friday.
Average time that you have to wait for promotion is from 1 to 3 days, if you don't have promotion after one week you can write a topic in Premium section on forum or write me private message on forum.
More info in FAQ: <link>

Information required for bank transfer are now on Account Maker:
Payment options: <link>
Bank transfer in PLN (Polish players only): <link>
Bank transfer in EURO: <link>
Bank transfer in USD: <link>
SMS (Polish players only): <link>

Nilan @ 2016-08-19, 15:49
Client 1.9.42
To login on server client in NEWEST VERSION IS REQUIRED (1.9.42) !

Client 1.9.42 has been introduced.

Changes in Tibia client:
- fixed fusion armlet
- fixed graphics of red shenron statute and evil shenron statue
- added one new outfit

Changes in OTC:
- changes from Tibia client
- better protection from adding own modules to client
- turn + spell on hotkey isn't working
- no lower FPS on planet Namek, Snake Way, Heaven
- panel GM is working correctly now

PS. If after last update you have changed .spr and .dat files to your own, you don't have to do everything again just add outfit with id 434 to your .dat and you won't get any debugs.

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