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Nilan @ 2015-07-20, 16:36
Holiday Lottery 2015

Kolek_2 @ 2015-06-25, 18:31
Update 1.9.2
Update 1.9.2 - Dark Star

Update 1.9.2 - Dark Star has been introduced.
New client can be downloaded from last news or from Account Maker:
<new client>
New version to OTClient is available - lags in PvP and chat backlighting has been fixed:
<DBL OTClient>

More changes and updates in July!

Kolek_2 @ 2015-06-24, 22:52
Update 1.9 - Tomorrow
Update 1.9.2 - Dark Star - Tommorrow

Tomorrow in the afternoon update 1.9.2 - Dark Star will be introduced.

Absence of head admin Nilan
From the beginning of July till about 14 I'll be gone. Dark Star with most of it's content will be introduced now. After my return I'll update the rest.

Future changes and updates
Everything that has been tested will be introduced.
Later in July you can expect:
- two new quests for 800 and 1200 levels
- salamandre arena
- fixes for OTC
- holiday lottery
- changes in fights for Guild Houses
- updated information about monster and items on Auction House
- changes in r-key system
- new entries for clients
- exp share system
- new sets from Dark Star monster
Next update will be focused on fixing bugs and more visual upgrades in example I'll finish making diversify for planet Earth and Future Earth and also changes in race balance. Later on I'll introduce more planets from GT and saga continuation.

For the time of my absence I'll have no internet connection. Any promotions will be given after my return. If you want promotion faster you can use the SMS option: <link>

New Client
You can download new client. It doesn't allow to log in to server yet. It will work tomorrow after the update.
Old Client:
<mirror 1>
<mirror 2>
<mirror 3>
DBL OTClient:
Lags in PvP and chat backlighting has been fixed.
<mirror 1>
<mirror 2>
<mirror 3>

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