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Nilan @ 2014-07-24, 20:39
New Tutors and absence
I chose the new Tutors, each new Tutor has a mentor to whom he can write if he has any questions about the rules, Tutor rank or his tasks.

New Tutors:
[Classic] Warlock, mentor Shardzik
[Classic] Goku Legenda, mentor Hakinos
[Classic] Kaali, mentor Zero
[Classic] Kalet, mentor Chtt
[Fresh] Inkwizytor, mentor Bloody Alkohol

From mentor I expect to check the work of his pupil, help him with problems and write the sum up of his work at the end of the trial period.

I remind you that the trial period lasts for new tutors: 06.08.2014 23:59
After the trial period ends in a few days I will decide who will be a full-fledged Tutor.

Tomorrow I'm going on the "concert tour", I won't be here more or less:
- between 25 and 29 July
- between 31 July and 3 August
- between 9 and 12 August
- between 15 and 18 August
When I will be absenced important decisions about staff, bans etc. will be made by EM Madara.

Nilan @ 2014-07-17, 22:23
Summary of the staff work and recruitment
#edit 21.07.2014
Thank You for yours applications. Info about who will be a Tutor for trial period will be released at 23.07.2014 or 24.07.2014.

Hello, I'm made a summary of the staff work, he results are as follows:

Summary of the staff work

Red - very bad.
Gray - not bode well.
Orange - bodes well.
Green - very good.

Server Classic
Electric Eye - degradation from Tutor position because of not fulfilling the obligations.
Evileq - degradation from Tutor position because of not fulfilling the obligations.
Maszynista - degradation from Tutor position because of not fulfilling the obligations.
Riverwind - degradation from Tutor position because of not fulfilling the obligations.
Tetleyos - degradation from Tutor position because of not fulfilling the obligations.
Chtt - promotion from Tutor to Counsellor, fulfilling obligations, good cooperation with other staff members.
Hakin Tago - promotion from Counsellor to Banner (Classic), 50% in vote, fulfilling the obligations, work as FCL, helps in races balance.
BN Yama - without changes, little activity last time, I hope you improve it after returning from holiday.

Server Fresh
Caver - degradation from Tutor position because of not fulfilling the obligations.
Rafi - degradation from Tutor position because of not fulfilling the obligations.
Malthael - new Tutor, bodes well.
Cannot Believe - promotion from Tutor to Counsellor, fulfilling obligations, won vote.
Jeet - fulfilling obligations, won vote, but at the moment too less of external work, chance to quick promotion to BN if you do more external work - we will discuss details on priv.
Bloody Alkohol - fulfilling obligations, won vote, external work - bugs reports and helping as a PvP Tester.
BN Hellbound - fulfilling obligations, won vote, change to quick promotion to GM if you do a external work - we already talk about that on priv.

Both servers
BN Zero - promotion from Banner to GM, won vote, good cooperations with other staff members, external work.
GM Szardzik - without changes, a little bit better activity last time, but still not enough. At the moment you good a good support from other staff members and I really like your external work - tutorials.
GM Shadow - without changes, I expect more activity.
SGM Pablo - without changes, I expect more activity.
EM Madara - good performance of their duties (in accordance with the instructions), a lot of support from other staff members.
PS. rules for Event Maker will be changed soon - new task for Event maker will be to organize one PvP tournament for every player once a 3 mothns (good rewards) and making often a small events with little rewards.

Additionally I inform you that from now on, activity of staff members* will be checked, if the staff member doesn't fulfill the requirements (20 hours online a month) he will be instantly degraded. This will be detailed in the server rules soon.
* Not applicable SGM +

Recruitments to staff
Everyone who what to help in the development and taking care of the server have now a change to become a Tutor.

What you have to do to take part in a recruitment?
Write a private message on forum to user: Podanie Tutor
[Application][Server] Name of character

Where server is a server you play on (Classic or Fresh), "Name of character" is a name of your character that should get Tutor rank.
Content of message:
In message you should write:
1. Introduction - how long you play here, what is your achievement that you are most proud of (not necessarily level, it can be for example "long time ago I was BN here" or "I made a graphic of mistic glover that is used to present day")
2. Actions: what are you doing now to help players, to help in server development?
3. Rules: which point in rules should be in your opinion change, how it should be changed and why (one point from rules is enough).
4. Reason: why we should give you a chance as a staff member - your opinion.

Process of recruitment:
Stage 1 - collecting all application in message box on forum.
Stage 2 - choose the best applications in my personal opinion.
Stage 3 - shows the application from stage 2 to other staff members.
Stage 4 - discuss about new staff members in staff section.
Stage 5 - give Tutor rank to choosen players for trial period - details of trial period will be published later.
Stage 6 - give a full-fledged Tutor ranks.

Etap 1 - from today (17.07.2014) to 20.07.2014 23:59.
Etap 2 - 21.07.2014
Etap 3 - 21.07.2014
Etap 4 - from 21.07.2014 to 23.07.2014
Etap 5 - from 23.07.2014 or 24.07.2014
Etap 6 - to 06.08.2014

Recruitment starts today (17.07.2014) and lasts 20.07.2014 23:59.
Trial period will be about 2 weeks long.

Good luck!

Nilan @ 2014-07-01, 14:44
Problem with domain
There is a problem with domain, I don't know when it will be fixed so I publish a temporary solution that will allow you to play on server. Soon I will buy a new domain.

To play on server you need a client that connect directly to the dedicated server:
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3
In package you got two files "ClassicFix.exe" and "FreshFix.exe", extract it to the folder with your DBL client (in folder with "Classic.exe" and "Fresh.exe" files).
At the moment to login on server you run "ClassicFix.exe" or "FreshFix.exe".

Account Maker address is: