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Nilan @ 2014-12-14, 23:18

General changes:
- fixed bug with slow walking of Biotsuful, Metal etc.
- added new NPC "Old Man" on Future Earth, he give us task "Robots"
- Future Trunks no longer gives us task "Robots"
- during making a task we don't get message for every task monster kill, message is shown only when we kill all task monsters, you can check current number of killed monsters by command !task
- changes in bonus points prices, new prices:
level = level/5
ki level = ki level/3
strenght = strenght/4
train points = train points/2
sword fighting = sword fighting/4
attack speed = attack speed/4
ki blasting = ki blasting/4
defence = defence/4
energy = energy/3
dust = 10
25x zeni banknote = 15
snowball = 150
green flask = 150
10x credit card = 500
star = 500
honey = 700
cooler soul = 1500
brolly talisman = 3000
janemba heart = 3000
oozaru tail = 4000
dragon ball = 8000

- new title for ki level:

90 Ki Level : Calm - +1% ki damage into monsters
100 Ki Level : Focused - +2% ki damage into monsters
110 Ki Level : Concentrated - +3% ki damage into monsters
120 Ki Level : Meditator - +4% ki damage into monsters
130 Ki Level : Ki Master - +5% ki damage into monsters

Changes in Z-Market:
- 25 dusts instead of 20
- changed easy quest pack - 10 z-scroll instead of 18
- changed normal random box (6 z-scrolls instead of 12):
1x honey 20%
4x salamandre skin 20%
1x star 35%
30 credit cards 25%
4x green flask 20%
1x honey 20%
2x salamandre skin 20%
1x star 20%
20 credit cards 20%

- changed big random box (25 z-scrolls instead of 35)
1x oozaru tail 15%
1x cooler soul 16%
1x brolly talisman 17%
1x janemba heart 17%
1x document 15%
50 credit cards 20%
1x cooler soul 15%
1x oozaru tail 25%
1x brolly talisman 30%
1x janemba heart 30%

- document is a independent item in market now, it costs 80 z-scrolls
- decoration random box - 2 z-scrolls instead of 3
- teddy bear - 10 z-scrolls instead of 30
- kame sennin doll - 5 z-scrolls instead of 10
- shipmodel - 5 z-scrolls instead of 10
- dragon ball piwllow - 5 z-scrolls instead of 10
- goku doll - 3 z-scrolls instead of 5
- blue gem - 2 z-scrolls instead of 5
- parchment - 2 z-scrolls instead of 5

Little changes in races:
- Human deals a bit lower damage from swords than before
- Gohan on last transfroms gets: +1 k hp, +5 energy and defense for transform, +5% melee damage

Nilan @ 2014-12-09, 17:14
DBLr - current progress and tests
Dragon Ball Legend - Remastered

Dragon Ball Legend - Remastered in short DBLr, it is a server that is based on anime Dragon Ball. At first DBLr was supposed to be a DBL server on newest Tibia version, but this idea had changed a lot in time a today I'm going to describe you how more less new server will look like.

Gameplay will be dividen into two parts, which will be interspersed with each other in late game. First part will be RPG part - player make a character with specific race in virtual world based on anime. In that part main goal of player is to develop character by hunting monsters, completing missions, doing sagas itp. progress of character will success in unlocking new locations on map. When character will be strong enough it starts new part, so called PvP part. PvP part engages player in all kinds of events in which player is a member of a party and he fights agains another party of player. It doesn't mean that part of the RPG in that moment disappears, player still has a lot of challanges and quests to do (mainly group quests) and a huge map to discover. Diffrence is that in PvP part taking parts in PvP events is important for character progress.

Races and classes
At the begining there will be 15 races (known from DBL), it future we will add new races.
Each race will belong to one basic class.
Attack - class that fights in close range, it deals huge melee damage.
Support - class that supports team, it goal is to heal, buff ally and/or debuff opponents. It is quite durable, but deals low damage.
Tank - class that takes on itself damage in fights, it goal is to enemies attack on itself. This class is almost impossible to kill in 1 vs 1 fights, but it can't deal a huge damage.
Energy - class that fights mainly on distance, it deals huge damage from ki. This class have to be careful because of low health it can be easily killed.
Namekians - Dende (Support), Piccolo (Energy)
Saiyans - Goku (Attack), Vegeta (Attack), Brolly (Tank)
Half-Saiyans - Gohan (Support), Trunks (Attack)
Changelings - Cooler (Energy), Freezer (Attack)
Human/Android - Yamcha/C17 (Energy), Videl/C18 (Support)
Bio-Android - Cell (Tank)
Tuffle - Baby (Tank)
Majin - Buu (Tank)
Demon - Janemba (Tank)
In future we are going to add races like: C16, Kaioshin, Bojack, Garlick, Tapion

An independent character development - progress points
In contrast to existing servers on DBLr for level you won't get any hp, ki or better ki damage. Player after achieving next level will gain 3 progress point, which can be spend on: health, ki, meele damage, ki damage. Of course there are some limits to avoid situation like when Tank becomes nuker.

Advanced techniques system
There will be few things that creates techniques system:
Cooldowns - each technique has it owns cooldown, that makes game more interesting, you have to use few techniques in fights instead of just one.
Techniques levels - offensive techniques are divided into: weak, medium and strong (supermoves). Each type of technique has unique properties, properly balanced damage and cooldown time. In addition each technique can be master on one to five levels. Technique levels increases effectiveness of the technique, it case of offensive techniques it is damage, in case of supporitve technique it is stronger buff bonus or longer buff time.
Evolution of techniques - initially we learn basic techniques version, later or techniques are updated - replaced by new techniques that works in similar way, but new techniques has a little bit different effect and better parameters. Thanks to that system during game player can learn a lot of techniques, but in the end only best of them stays. It eliminates a problem with unused techniques.

I will also say something about skills. Skill will look more less the same as I wrote in first announcement:
Vitality - responsible for hp and ki regeneration.
Strength - responsible for melee damage.
Ki Level - responsible for ki damage.
Attack Speed - responsible for dealy between melee attacks.
Defense - reduces melee damage that we received.
Ki Block - reduces ki damage that we received.
Speed - responsible for movement speed of character.
but training system will change a lot - you won't be forced to AFK on gym for gaining skills. There will be a other way to gain skill and I'm not talking about offline training.

and a lot more, that you will see soon.

Works on DBLr are going good, but a bit slower that I initially estimated.
I said that at the end of this year it will be possible to login on DBLr and it will nearly be like that, but it won't be finished server yet. Unfortunately, I won't be able to supervise the tests for the holiday season and few days after new year so incomming open test will start at 05.01.2015. Those tests will cover only PvP part - it mean that you will get DBLr client, you will be able to login on developed characters and you will be fighting in teams agains each others on few different arenas.
Finishing and connecting both parts - RPG and PvP I estimate on end of February 2015.

I will finish this news with screen from 2015, it is screen made by Future Trunks thanks to his time machine: <link>

Nilan @ 2014-12-04, 18:14
Guild House Siegs - dates change
I decided to change date of the next siege at Guild Houses by one month.
05.01.2015 - West City House
15.01.2015 - South City House
25.01.2015 - North City House
06.01.2015 - West City House
16.01.2015 - South City House
26.01.2015 - North City House

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