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Kolek_2 @ 2015-06-25, 18:31
Update 1.9.2
Update 1.9.2 - Dark Star

Update 1.9.2 - Dark Star has been introduced.
New client can be downloaded from last news or from Account Maker:
<new client>
New version to OTClient is available - lags in PvP and chat backlighting has been fixed:
<DBL OTClient>

More changes and updates in July!

Kolek_2 @ 2015-06-24, 22:52
Update 1.9 - Tomorrow
Update 1.9.2 - Dark Star - Tommorrow

Tomorrow in the afternoon update 1.9.2 - Dark Star will be introduced.

Absence of head admin Nilan
From the beginning of July till about 14 I'll be gone. Dark Star with most of it's content will be introduced now. After my return I'll update the rest.

Future changes and updates
Everything that has been tested will be introduced.
Later in July you can expect:
- two new quests for 800 and 1200 levels
- salamandre arena
- fixes for OTC
- holiday lottery
- changes in fights for Guild Houses
- updated information about monster and items on Auction House
- changes in r-key system
- new entries for clients
- exp share system
- new sets from Dark Star monster
Next update will be focused on fixing bugs and more visual upgrades in example I'll finish making diversify for planet Earth and Future Earth and also changes in race balance. Later on I'll introduce more planets from GT and saga continuation.

For the time of my absence I'll have no internet connection. Any promotions will be given after my return. If you want promotion faster you can use the SMS option: <link>

New Client
You can download new client. It doesn't allow to log in to server yet. It will work tomorrow after the update.
Old Client:
<mirror 1>
<mirror 2>
<mirror 3>
DBL OTClient:
Lags in PvP and chat backlighting has been fixed.
<mirror 1>
<mirror 2>
<mirror 3>

Kolek_2 @ 2015-06-13, 23:55
Update 1.9 - OpenBeta start
Update 1.9.2 - Dark Star - OpenBeta

"Dark Star" OpenBeta has started.

Test server settings
- exp 100x
- loot 100x
- skille 1000x
- limit 2500 level
- free Z-Fighter
- exp stages (more exp on low lvl)
- characters from Classic i Fresh
- most settings just like on server Classic
- command "!fullskills" gives us high skills - you may need to relog after using it

Planet Dark Star
You can test new planet Dark Star. To get there you need to "use" the last capsule to the right on Vegeta. To travel there you need at least level 300.

Unlocking exp sites
On new planet there are 5 different exp sites: Slimes (White Desert), Dino (White Desert), Scabers (Dark Region), Creepers (Dark Region), Pantheras (Ankoku Mountains). To get to additional exp sites you need to unlock them.
To unlock each additional exp sites you need to kill X amount of monsters and provide correct key type.
Amount of monsters to kill is increasing each day. Default amount is 13% and rising 3% each day up to 100%. Each exp site got its own amount (in other words at first it will be easier for you to unlock exp sites)
Keys - there are tree different types of keys (steel, copper and golden). You will be able to acquire them by trading different items with NPC Evil Babidi. He is standing beside capsule which teleport us to Dark Star. You need to say "hi > offer" to get more information. Key amount you need to unlock each exp site is 10x smaller the it will be after update.

Teleportation circles
Teleportation circle will be unlock with each unlocked exp site and will help you travel a lot faster throughout planet. In order to know how to use these circles you need to stand on one of theme and write "!circle info":
1. Stand on circle.
2. Writing "!circle unlock" will show us what we need to do to unlock each circle.
3. After unlocking write "!circle location" where location is name of the place to which we want to travel (for example: "!circle larva". You can check location name with "!circle list" command)
4. Write "!circle go" to travel.

New quests
On test server quest for 800+ and 1200+ level are unavailable. Only quest for 500+ level is available. Quest is connected with NPC Evil Wizard. On test server there is no reward for this quest.

All task bosses have 50% less health and new unique outfits. Beside that task for Dark Star has been added. You can get task from NPC Evil Babidi. To test task bosses you don't need to complete task, just write "!tasktest" command and you will be able to kill task bosses without permission. To turn it off just write "!tasktest" again.
You can sell trade items from Dark Star monsters to NPC Evil Wizard.

Salamandre Arena
Salamandre Arena is unavailable on test server.

CES - Custom Effect System
System that allow you to acquire new lightning color and new effect of your last spell has been added. To start this quest you need to talk to NPC Elder Kai "hi > custom effect".

In order to login to test server you need new client.
New client: <mirrior 1>, <mirror 2>, <mirror 3>
Password: DBLOpenBeta192
To login to OpenBeta you need to choose "Test Server". Players from Classic - number and password just like on Classic. Players from Fresh - will need to add 1, 2 or 3 zeros at end of your number in order for it to be 9 digital (for example: if you have acc number 1234567 on Fresh, you need to add two zeros at end 123456700 in order to login on test server. Password without changes. Players from Fresh have letter "F" after their nickname.
There is no option to play on old client on test server - only OTC. After update you will be able to play on old client.
This is not the last version of the client - this client is only to test OpenBeta. After update it will be changed.

You cannot use IT on planet Dark Star.
Monster have special abilities just like it was mentioned in one of older news.
Division on forum about test server: <link>
Account Maker address:<link>

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