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Kolek_2 @ 2015-08-25, 19:11
Update 1.9.3
Update 1.9.3 - Salamandre Arena

Update 1.9.3 - Salamandre Arena has been introduced.

You can use client from test server. Just change "Test Server Login" to your server.
You can download new client from Account Maker:
<new client>
New version of OTClient is out - no game breaking changes. Correctly blocked dash:
<DBL OTClient>

- two new quests: <link>
- Salamandre Arena event, certain drop system and race balance: <link>
Salamandre Arena event will be slightly different:
* teams divided by level instead of race
* event will be 30 minutes long instead of 1 hour
* Salamandre Egg will deal damage and summon monsters
* team that looses will get PvP damage boost
* bonus points for team that deal last hit
and few more changes in Salamandre Arena guide soon.
For now Salamandre Arena event will take be daily. On Classic at 21:00 and for few days* at 22:00 on Fresh
- more changes here: <link>

Kolek_2 @ 2015-08-21, 16:17
Update 1.9.3 - test ending 2
Update 1.9.3 will be introduced on 24.08.2015 at 24:00. Server will be OFFLINE for 2 hours.

Test server is online for you until update.

Changes for low levels:
- ki blast require 50 ki instead of 80
- more food for beginners
- changed items after leaving Beginners Island: 2x yellow glover or 2x sabre or 1x green blast, 50x senzu bean, pandorian armor, pandorian boots, black legs, light belt, red cap
- Heaven Warriors give more experience
- you can exp with halo up to 30 level
- you don't lose items until 30 level instead of 25
- after reaching 20 level you get reward: 80 senzu beans
- after reaching 30 level you get reward: 100 senzu beans + 5 brolly necklace
- after reaching 50 level you get reward: 200 senzu beans + 30 zeni banknotes
- demon horns drop changed to Red Spirit instead of Janemba (chance for item same as 3rd part of Cell Processor)

If player had items equipped on him but he doesn't meets the requirements after update items will be moved to yours backpack (if you don't have enough space item will be dropped under character).

Kolek_2 @ 2015-08-20, 15:03
Update 1.9.3 - test ending
End of test server is coming. Few new changes have been added for testing.

- command "!cash messages" will turn on/off messages about gold drop on default
- possibility to set message of the day for guild members ("hi > message" NPC Guild Master)
- golden key can be bought for 40 bonus points
- new title for buying boost after 500 level: 10 boost = boost 10% cheaper, 25 boost = 20% cheater, 50 boosts = 40% cheaper
- new title for Shenron wishes
- party share exp system is coming back:
* all party members must be in 20 sqm radius
* all party members must have at least 100 level
* level difference from weakest and strongest party member must be: 200 levels max for party after 1,5k+ level, 150 levels max for after 1k+ level, 100 levels max for after 500+ level, 50 levels for everybody else.
* when the requirements are fulfilled all party members gets equal exp for monsters increased by 20%. Each player in party also gets equal amount of money dropped.
* all party member get information about drop
* command "!partyloot" can turn on/off information about party member drop
- possibility to craft Silver Set items - recipes bought from NPC Saiyans Professor
- changed item reward from Shenron:
* pack small set = elite saiyan scouter + elite saiyan boots
* pack big set = elite saiyan necklace + elite saiyan armor + elite saiyan legs + elite saiyan belt
* pack glover = 2x elite saiyan glover + one random item: 50x katchin, 75x salamandre skin, 800x credit card
* pack sword = 2x elite saiyan sword + one random item: 50x katchin, 75x salamandre skin, 800x credit card
* pack ball = elite saiyan ball + one random item: 50x katchin, 75x salamandre skin, 800x credit card
* pack band = 2x elite saiyan band + one random item: 50x katchin, 75x salamandre skin, 800x credit card
* pack katchin = 100x katchin
* pack salamandre skin = 150x salamandre skin
* pack credit cards = backpack with 100x credit cards
- added auto-grouping items - when we put item to backpack it will combine with the same item in this backpack.
- new channel "Contests". Staff Counsellor+ will be able to make quiz with "/contest" command. Each player will be able to answer once.
- new level limit for items:
* 50 level requirement : saiyan armor, saiyan legs, saiyan boots, saiyan glover, short sword, energy ball
* 150 level requirement : mistic turban, demon horns, demon armor, demon legs, demon boots, demon belt, demon glover, demon blade, demon ball
* 250 level requirement : red headband, mistic shirt, mistic legs, mistic boots, mistic belt, trunks sword
* 350 level requirement : mistic glover, mistic sword, green ball, brolly legs, brolly boots
* 500 level requirement : magic turban, silver armor, silver legs, silver boots, silver belt
* 800 level requirement : whole elite saiyan set beside bands
WARNING! If player had items equipped on him but he doesn't meets the requirements after update items will be moved to yours backpack (if you don't have enough space item will be dropped under character).
You can dismantle items fro Elite Saiyan Set in combo room with 20% loss on katchin. This will be removed after few updates. When dismantling you will get Brolly Boots instead of Silver Boots.
- changes in Guild Houses sieges:
* after death defenders will need to wait 30s (instead of 15s) and attackers will need to wait 20s (instead of 30s)
* possibility to erase Guild Blasters on first floor after getting to switch defended by 6 Guild Blockers
* Guild Blaster on second floor erased
* Guild Shooter on second floor moved
* corridor on third floor widen and added balcony
* King will often summon Guild Warriors
* players need to be two weeks in guild to be able to partake in sieges
- Boosts for ki damage and melee work on monster, sieges and Salamandre Arena. Doesn't work on normal PVP

- additional balance fixes
- certain drop on third tier kibito items instead of document and third part of cell processor
- changes in chance to Punch!,Strike!,Slash!,Miss,Dodge after reaching skill limit: 0,1 for Punch!,Strike!,Slash!, 0,3 for Miss and 0,2 for Dodge
- reputation will rise little bit after last title
- we lost target after death in GH and changing floors
- loot from bosses from EM can be looted only by players from their stage
- bosses can be attacked and attack only by players from their stages
- you cannot move boss corpse from EM
- after using "look" on item in AH you will see information about that item and "This item is blocked" instead of "You see a blocked item" without item information
- guild names cannot contain numbers and symbols
- guild name must be started with capital letter and name cannot contain capital letter in the middle of the word
- babidi circle key requirement to unlock changed: 100 steel keys, 90 copper keys and 80 golden keys
- cooler soul will cost 3000 bonus points and will give 80 golden keys
- we walk with full speed with halo
- fixed bug with skill percent display for 155+ skills
- we can log in after disconnect (you may need to wait for ~20s)
- blocked log in with two characters from the same account (beside BN+)
- Sejin Ankoku gives less exp and there is less of them
- Exodies are stronger and give less exp
- Lions will give more exp
- Emerald Belt can be dropped from Golden Samurai
- Mistic Boots - absorb changed from 10% to 8%, Brolly Boots - absorb changed from 12% to 10%, Silver Boots - gives 12% absorb
- changed Elite Saiyan Boots recipe- require Silver Boots instead of Brolly Boots
- you cannot give house owner to deleted character
- raid minions five from 1 to 10 bonus points
- fixed bug with human corpse 8 slots instead of 10
- using spells doesn't grant mute for talking
- we always have 5 minutes for re-entering the ene room. Even after relog.
- in Vegeta Challenges quest on Classic only player with lesser level than 500 can help. Fresh no changes.
- Vegeta Challenges require more monster to kill and items: 50x saiyan piece of cloth, 40x metal ball, 1x prince cape, 1x salamanadre heart
- Combo Room requires completing Vegeta Challenges to enter
- reward for Vegeta Challenges changed from Silver legs and armor to Demon Glover and Demon Blade
- fixed bug with stackable items from NPC
- Hercule Belt gives 10% melee absorb
- fixed bug with boss respawn on Dark Star
- Demon Horns can be dropped from Janemba only

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