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Nilan @ 2014-09-07, 23:20
Task system
I made some changes on server, main new feature is task system.

Account Maker
- changed design of races list in "Races" section

Classic & Fresh
- task system, more info: <link>
- Oozaru drops oozaru tail (5 times less than AO)
- BN+ on invisible can't be seen on VIP list or by !online commad
- if player who push another players has elvel under "protection level" then he gets 2 minutes exhaustion on push instead of 10 seconds
- BN+ can push without exhausted
- heavy items gives train points only in defined ranges:
Light set -> od 10 do 70 Train Points
Weight set -> od 70 do 100 Train Points
Tone set -> od 100 do 130 Train Points

- new command for Tutor+
/mute mode name

Muted on all chats (except Default) for one character on 1 hour or to server restart. If mode = on it means mute, if mode = off it means unmute.
/mute on Nilan

- added new command !raid which show information about current or previous raid
- fixed bug with no decaying corpse of one type of wolves
- vice-leader of Guild can change a title of Guild member (for free)
- leader Guild can change rank name of Guild member (for free)
- leader can change name of Guild (for 10 credit cards)
- changes in probabilty of raids categories:
Ranges from 1 to 400 - 10% change for every category
Range 401-500 - 20% change on being drawn
Range 501+ - 40% change on being drawn

- NPC Smiff buys nails and screw for 80% of Future Bulma's price
- fixed bug with entering Sea Monster cave without dynamite
- you cannot add to VIP list same character two times
- when player is check by /msgcheck command on 5 minutes chat called "MsgCheck" is open. He can answer staff on this chat (if he have muted)

Names of raids in !raid command will be displayed correctly after next raid.

- Namek Event costs 500 credit cards instead of 1500 credit cards
- players who already take part in Vegeta Challange can do it again (like on Fresh)

Nilan @ 2014-08-20, 13:56
DBL OTClient - beta
Dragon Ball Legend - OTClient version BETA

1. General information
I prepared OTClient that allows you to log on DBL servers.
Current version of client is normal OTClient with just few modifications like list of servers in login window.

OTClient is OpenSource project, thanks to that adding new features is very easy.

2. New possibilities
OTClient by default got few facilities, some of them I decided to remove (for example dash), limit some others (for example ambient light to 50%) and some I just leave as they are (for example using items by pressing hotkeys).

DBL OTClient is a official software it means that using that client to play is legal - in other words leagal is using all options of client (like using items by pressing hotkey), but illegal is to add new modules or modifity current modules of client.

3. How to test
To test new client you need download it (links belw), extract all files of client for .rar archive.
After that you have to run "DBL Client.exe", write your account number and password and choose server.
<Mirror 1>
<Mirror 2>
<Mirror 3>

4. Opinions
I'm waiting on your opinions about new version of client:
[DBL OTClient] Opinions
[DBL OTClient] Problems

Nilan @ 2014-08-04, 21:16
Few changes - update 1.89.9d2
I made few changes on server, the description of those changes is below.

Both servers - Classic & Fresh
- interest in Namek Event - every 24h hours interest equals 4% is charged of the money paid on Namek Event (you gain additional bonus points and events is once closer to be started)
- exp for quest - every quest gives a little exp bonus:
* easy quest - 5k exp
* hard quest - 5 mln exp
* medium quest - from 20k to 200k exp (depends what level this quest require)
From 1 to 49 = 20k exp
From 50 to 99 = 50k exp
From 100 to 149 = 100k exp
From 150 to 199 = 150k exp
From 200 to 250 = 200k exp
Not applicable to quests on Beginners Island.
Players who have already done the quests don't get a symbolic exp.

- Mark sells fishing rods in backpack (hi > backpack)
- added info that we have to leave tile with items in Cell Processor quest
- after leaving Begginiers Island, Helper send us a link to forum with tutorial about hunting places
- command /info and /mc shows hashed IP
- added new command: /botcheck name
* set BN+ /invisible
* teleport player on BN+
* set 1 minute immortality for player
* reduce player hp to lower amout
* debug player
Command is only for test now and I will describe conditions to use it in staff section.

- staff can't summon raid monsters
- changes in raid system
Raid power affect:
  • hp of monsters
  • dmg of monsters
  • loot of monsters
  • exp of monsters

Level stages:
Stage #1: 1-100 level
Stage #2: 101-200 level
Stage #3: 201-300 level
Stage #4: 301-400 level
Stage #5: 401-500 level
Stage #6: 501+ level

Raid power depends on stage:
Raid power for stages:
Stage #1: 10%
Stage #2: 25%
Stage#3: 50%
Stage#4: 75%
Stage#5: 100%
Stage#6: 150%

The more level is (futher stage) the more raids are available.
Available raids
Red Ribbon Attack: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6
Dead Zone: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6
The World's Strongest: #2, #3, #4, #5, #6
The Tree of Might: #2, #3, #4, #5, #6
Lord Slug: #3, #4, #5, #6
Super C13: #3, #4, #5, #6
Plan to eradicate the Saiyans: #4, #5, #6
Bojack Unbound: #5, #6
Wrath of the Dragon: #6

Others assumptions:
  • more often raids - minimum every 8h, maximum every 14h
  • next raid have to be from other stage away,at least two of the previous (for example stage 5 -> 3 -> 1 -> 6 -> 2 -> 4 -> 2 -> 5 -> etc.)
  • probability of execution of every raid is the same (for example Super C13 is as much possible as Red Ribbon Attack)
  • players can attack only monsters from their stage
  • if raid won't be finished before next raid should be executed (min. 8h), monsters from previous raid are deleted and monsters from new raid appears

Changes on server Classic
Because of problem with mass killing of low-level players by h-level players who login only to do mass PK, I made some changes:
- no-pvp to 100 level
- police range is 1 sqm away from screen
- more frags for killing low-levels
Killing player with 200- lvl when we are 400+ lvl = +4 frags
Killing player with 300- lvl when we are 500+ lvl = +3 frags
Killing player with 400- lvl when we are 600+ lvl = +2 frags
Other cases = +1 frag

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