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Nilan @ Today 9:07
Valentine's Day Lottery 2017

Bonus in Party!
Today if 2 players are hunting in party on exp-share, both get 100% of experience!
If you hunt in bigger team, you also get a bit more experience.

<Valentine's Day lottery has started!>

Nilan @ 2017-02-07, 13:07
Patch and CM
Patch - King of the Demon Realm quest

Detailed changes available in this post: <link>
In short, another part KotDR quest, daily mission to reduce frags, bigger resp of Majin Wizards, some bug fixes.

Added a new range for Staff - Community Manager (CM), more information: <link>

Nilan @ 2017-01-09, 15:02
Account Maker - support for Spanish
Account Maker
Full support for Spanish langauge on Account Maker has been finished.

Helper is available in three languages:

Fast search option has been addedm you can search for items, monsters and players: