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Kolek_2 @ 2015-04-16, 18:11
Easter egg exchange
"Easter egg" runes exchange
In Dende palace NPC "After Easter Bunny" has appeared. He can exchange "Easter egg" runes for Easter pack or zeni.

NPC will give us:
Red Easter Pack for 100 Easter eggs
Blue Easter Pack for 40 Easter eggs
Green Easter Pack for 25 Easter eggs
Violet Easter Pack for 20 Easter eggs
or 5 zeni banknotes for every "Easter egg" rune

Later on you will be able to exchange all items for zeni:
Red Easter Pack = 5 credit cards
Blue Easter Pack = 2 credit cards
Green Easter Pack = 1 credit cards 25 zeni banknotes
Violet Easter Pack = 1 credit card
Easter Egg = 5 zeni banknotes

Kolek_2 @ 2015-04-08, 15:23
Easter 2015
Event finished.
After counting of items I will allow you to change "easter egg" rune into easter packs or money.

Event will end today (09.04.2015) after midnight.

Easter 2015

- monsters that look like bunnies - random monsters with bunny appearance (10% chance). That monster is stronger that normal and gives 3x more exp.
- runes that change lightning effect:
purple effect rune - change for shadow effect
red effect rune - change for fire effect
blue effect rune - change for new lightning effect

- monsters can drop egg pack from which you can get random reward:
Violet Easter Pack:
- 50 zenni bills (40%)
- small diamond (x25) (30%)
- dust (x5) (17%)
- water case (8%)
- mechanoid armor (5%)
Green Easter Pack:
- 75 zenni bills (50%)
- saiyan armor (15%)
- saiyan legs (15%)
- mistic legs (10%)
- saiyan glover (5%)
- short sword (5%)
Blue Easter Pack:
- green flask (32%)
- rake (32%)
- 2 credit cards (26%)
- salamandre skin (10%)
Red Easter Pack:
- 3 credit cards (30%)
- 250 bonus points (30%)
- 30 hell fruits (25%)
- salamandre skin (15%)
Colorful Easter Pack:
- purple rune (30%)
- red rune (30%)
- blue rune (30%)
- easter bunny teddy (8%)
- bear (2%)

Egg packs can be dropped from different monsters:
Monsters that give up to 1200 exp:
- violet easter pack
Monsters that give up to 7500 exp:
- violet easter pack
- green easter pack
Monsters that give up to 30000 exp:
- green easter pack
- blue easter pack
Monsters that give up to 120000 exp:
- blue easter pack
- red easter pack
Monsters that give more than 120000 exp:
- blue easter pack
- colorful easter pack

In Dende palace teleport has appeared. It leads to cave with two rooms. On the left for low levels (up to 600 level) and on the right for high levels (600+ level). After handing over the items and assembling 4 player team you will be teleported to the arena to fight with Easter monsters.
Reward for completing the quest:
Low levels: 8x random violet/green/blue easter pack + red easter pack and up to 60 mln exp*.
High levels: 9x random green/blue/red easter pack + colorful easter pack and up to 200 mln exp*.
*Exp reward is dependent on your level.
For low levels: level/10 mln.
For high levels: ((level - 600)/4 + 60) mln.
Additional information
Each player can complete quest once. After receiving reward you cannot help other players.
If player with 599 level completes quest for low levels and gets 600+ level, he or she won't be able to complete quest for high levels.

Easter lottery has started! Just as before besides items you can also win skills.

Runes and effect will be available for few days after event ends.
Same goes for egg packs. After event ends you will be able to get rewards from them for few days.
Easter egg looks like rune. This graphic will be changed with upcoming update. Easter egg can be used only for quest.
After event ends you will be able to change Easter eggs and egg packs for zeni.

Kolek_2 @ 2015-04-08, 01:40
Update 1.9 - Announcement 3
Update 1.9 - Announcement 3
New monsters

Monsters from Dark Star
Along with update 22 new monsters and 11 task boss will be added.
Weakest monster on planet will have their power levels similar to Thunder Lizards. Strongest monsters will be more powerful than Exodia.
Below you have names and graphic of new monsters composed by their power level:
<introduction of new monsters>

New boss graphic
In this update new graphic for task bosses will be introduced:

In order to beef up and force players to use different tactics on different exp sites I decided to add abilities to some monsters.
After update stronger monster will have additional abilities:
Salamandre - good healing.
Metal - good healing.
Biotsuful - more durability for melee attacks.
Terminator - chance on death to explode and deal damage to nearby players.
Super Saiyan - on low health on each form chance to deal bonus melee damage.
Super Android - better chance that our ki attacks will miss.
Exodia - is able to teleport to target from 4 sqm and instantly deal damage.
Scorpion - is able to attack with poison that deal damage over time.
Velociraptor - quick escape on low health and heal 1/4 hp in short time.
Dino Dragon - is able to cast a strong spell in delay of few seconds.
Lion - is able to scare nearby player with roar that blocks ability to cast spell for few seconds.
Dark Minotaur - is able to stun player for seconds. Sunned player cannot attack or cast spells.
Minotaur - same as Dark Minotaur, but shorter duration.
Sand Golem - is able to block opponent ability to walk for a period of time.
Ankoku - chance to absorb ki damage. Attack will heal him instead.
Ankoku Sejin - same as Ankoku, but with greater chance.
Elder Ankoku - is able to weaken opponents ki attacks, if beset with few other Elder Ankoku.

This is plan for the abilities. They can be changed. Techniques will have different ranges. In most cases with appropriate tactic you will be able to bypass most abilities.

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