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Nilan @ 2016-11-21, 15:58
Update 1.9.45
Update 1.9.45!

Client OTC 1.9.45:
<Client OTC 1.9.45>
Old clinet 1.9.45::
<Old client 1.9.45>

Nilan @ 2016-11-04, 12:57
10th Anniversary

10th Anniversary

Time flows quickly, it's been 10 years since the launch of the first Dragon Ball server on the Tibia engine. This first server was Dragon Ball Legend and today we celebrates its 10th birthday!
On this occasion we have prepared several events for you.

Bonuses that lasts from today 12:00 to Sunday 23:59 (Polish time):
- 2x exp
- 2x loot
From next Monday, for 7 days there will be a 2x skill bonus (no defence and energy).

In addition, the for the next 24 hours, every 15 minutes there will be question-answer event. Questions will be from one of the categories: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Super or DBL.
When question is displayed you can respond with the command !answer your answer , the first three people will receive rewards:
The first person - 2x salamanadre skin, the second person - 1x salamandre skin, the third person - 8x credit card.

Also Event Maker will do some raids with monsters like I Love You, Halloween monsters and bosses from invasions.

Bonuses from anniversary event doesn't combine with the bonuses from Halloween items!
(Bonuses from "scary mask" (2x exp) and "blue candy" (2x loot) has been halted, you can use that items, but you won't lost bonus time until Monday. Item "old book" (2x skill) still works, but in Monday it will be also halted, but other two bonuses will be working.)

Like every year, here is lottery for 10th Anniversary:
Lottery details: <link>
You can win elite saiyan items, skill and unique decoration to house.
Lottery lasts for about 2 weeks.

There is a contest for the "old screenshot", anyone can upload any number of screenshots.
I will choose a few of them to the next stage and then players will decide who should win.
Competition details: <link>

Plebiscite (only Polish version):
Plebiscite details: <link>

In the near future there will be introduced update with Beerus Planet and after that we will make a thoroughly refresh of graphics. We will remake many locations to make them look like in anime. Not only Earth will be refreshed, but also the Future Earth,Namek and Vegeta. At the same time finally outfits in new style will be added! Further plan is to add planets from GT with sagas, make PvP rework and add a lot of interesting new systems/changes to the game mechanics!
After this weekend I will announced changes in the next update.

Good luck and have fun!

Nilan @ 2016-11-03, 16:55

PayPal is available!
(If you have any questions, write me a private message on forum.)

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