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Nilan @ Today 12:02
DBL OTC 1.9.46
DBL OTC - version 1.9.46

New version of DBL OTC has been released.
List of changes:
- fixed battle - there are no filters, but sorting works correctly
(you can choose type of sorting, for PvP option "Name" is recommended)
- ki bar under player health bar
- monsters with transforms also got ki bar, it inform how much transform left to kill that monster
- colorful names of saga monsters, task bosses, NPC (you can turn it on/off at settings)
- displaying health and ki in percents (you can turn it on/off at settings)
- minimap with "background map" (whole map is visible, but unvisited areas are covered with shadow)
- you can display task bosses and saga monsters on minimap
- you can set keyboard delay in settings (it is from 30 ms to 350 ms, default value is 200 ms)
- you can add hotkeys like ctrl + direction
- karma is displayed in window with health and ki info
- layout of "enter game" window has been changed
- added module with deion of techniques
- added module with commands
- you are able to change a "skin" in bottom-right corner of your client
- you are able to switch to "fullscreen" pressing a button at top menu
- removed dot in "Cap" info
- to show skills you now use 'Ctrl+J' instead of 'Ctrl+S'
- if you are using WSAD, you can turn by Ctrl+WSAD
- fixed bug in displaying info about required exp to next level for 500+ levels
- client UI has been changed
- a small change in VIP list
(red = offline, green = online, orange = he was online, but now is offline)

Colorful names

Choice of skin


Modul with commands

Modul with techniques

If you have a problem with "missing .dlls", download this: <link>

Nilan @ 2017-02-27, 13:03
Promotion on PACC

Promotion on PACC!

To 05.03.2017 to each PACC you will get +20% premium points extra.
Promotion include payment by SMS, bank transfers and PayPal payments.
3.69 PLN = 36 premum points instead of 30.
7.38 PLN = 72 premum points instead of 60.
11.07 PLN = 108 premum points instead of 90.
23.37 PLN = 228 premum points instead of 190.
Bank Transfer and PayPal:
10.00 PLN = 240 premum points instead of 200.
20.00 PLN = 480 premum points instead of 400.
30.00 PLN = 720 premum points instead of 600.

<PACC - SMS> (Polish players)


Important information:
There is a lottery (it lasts to 28.02.2017): (link)
World Tournament on DBL (04.03.2017 16:00 Polish time): (link)
Last changes in game: (link)

Nilan @ 2017-02-23, 12:01
Little event for Fat Thursday

Today is Fat Thursday, because of that I have added a little event - each type of food makes you full.

Remember also about on going Lottery. It will finish at 28.02.2017.

Enjoy your meal!!