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Kolek2 @ 2015-03-14, 18:30
Update 1.9 - Announcement 2
Update 1.9 - Announcement 2
Dark Star

Omnipresent darkness and horrifying atmosphere. That's the climate from which dreadful Yakon comes from.
Thanks to powerful and wicked wizard Babidi, distance barrier has been broken down creating portal between worlds. Connecting our world with planet Dark Star.
As it turned out it isn't dead uninhabited star... Due to darkness and difficult conditions developing life took extreme form. Powerful and ruthless beast fight for survival in merciless conditions. Surly they won't miss a chance to eat fresh meat.

Planet description
Planet will be divided into 3 regions.
Dark Regions - dark zone inhabited by monsters living in darkness.
White Desert - desert on which you can find primitive life forms able to survive in difficult conditions.
Ankoku Mountains - mountains inhabited by Ankoku race (race to which Yakon belongs to) and other beasts.
On planet you will meet about 15 new monsters. Exp sites will be adjusted to characters between 350 level and about 1000 level.
Exp sites won't be available from the beginning. One must unlock each additional exp site by doing missions in previous region. Usually you will need to kill right amount of monsters and collect right items.
Planet will be huge but transporting around it will be eased by Babidi's teleportation circles. Which after unlocking will allow player to instantly travel to exp sites.

New quests
There will be new group quests [Extra] on planet Dark Star. Split into three level division:
- about level 500
- about level 800
- about level 1200

New set
With new update new best set will be introduced - Elite Saiyan Set - created from most durable metal in world katchinu (material will be possible to acquire from new planet).
Set will be available to acquire only by crating it from appropriate items in Saiyan Professor laboratory.
For example:
For new best headgear you will need 100x katchin, magic turban, 2x misitc turban and items from new monsters. For armor 100x katchin, silver armor, 2x mistic shirt, 5x saiyan armor and items from new monsters.
Bonus from new set will be compensated. If helmet gives 15% ki damage (5% more than magic turban) then boots will give 17% ki absorb (5% more that brolly boots). Players with new set will be stronger than the players without it, but fight between players that both have the new set will look like before. Thanks to that new balance wont be needed.

Slightly character personalization
System that will allow players to acquire new lightning color and new effect for their best spell will be introduced.
There will also be chance to acquire new outfit that will distinguish us from other players.

Salamandre Arena
Kylar's idea will be introduced. Cyclical event that will split players into two teams allowing them to compete in special arena. Precise system description will be available when system is ready.

These are the general changes that await you in upcoming update.
New information soon. Then tests.

Lastly screenshots representing regions of new planet.
<White Desert>
<Dark Regions>
<Ankoku Mountains>

Goodbye and have a pleasant game!

Nilan @ 2015-03-03, 23:02
New signatures
I added two new signature styles made by Pablo and Margoh.

In order to get the code you need to go to Account Maker, chose bookmark "Account". Then expand "Character profile - signature" and click on "Show/Hide Code"

Signature code is only generated for your best character. If you want to get signature for other character you need to make it yourself.
I welcome you to add signature in particular on other forums.

Nilan @ 2015-02-27, 15:48
Update preview

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