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Bloku had won last PvP Tournmanet. He proved to be the most powerful player on server!
Nilan @ 2016-04-21, 14:46
Patch 1.9.40
Patch 1.9.40

Updated to patch 1.9.40.
Major changes:
- changes in Guild Battles (occur once a week)
- defence room on Vegeta
- tailoring system
- changes in tasks
- strong monsters, elite monsters and treasure boxes
- monster levels
All changes are described more detailed in the change log: <link>
Further more the voting system on the account maker has been slightly changed - votes only count when it is commented reasonable

Nilan @ 2016-04-13, 19:16
PvP Tournament

There will be an PvP tournament on the upcoming weekend.

A new PvP system will be used in the tournament. Battles will be decided in parallel, participants will fight in pairs on 4 different arenas. This should improve the tournament overall and shorten its duration.
There will be 4 battlefields available: grass, snow, jungle and desert themed: <link>

Date: 16.04.2016 at 4 pm

- every one above level 100 can participate at the tournament
- allowed will be senzu beans, zanzoken and barrier, forbidden will be hell fruits (they can't be used on battlefields)
- in case the battle will last longer then 3 minutes, players will start to lose HP, starting at -20%, then -40%, -60%, -80%, up to -100% hp (with every minute the percentage will rise)
- categories will be determined before the beginning of the tournament, there have to be at least 4 players for each category
- sign ups are since 16:00 until 16:15 the same day
- in case of unexpected complications the tournament can be interrupted, unfinished categories will be postponed to a different date
- offline until the start of your fight = disqualification

- Saturday 16.04.2016 at 4 pm are the sign ups, a command for that will be added "!tournament join"
- sign ups will close at 16:15 and after a few minutes the brackets and categories will be presented
- after the announcement of the brackets you can exp, train or stay to watch the tournament, you just have to be online when it's your turn to fight. Players only wanting to spectate will be allowed to join the tribunes after the release of brackets.
- starting with the lowest category 4 pairs of players will face each other at the same time
- the winner of the battle has to "use" the lever on the arena and wait for his further battles
- with the end of all categories the winners will be rewarded

Categories will be established on Saturday, that's why there are no clear prizes yet. In general they will be close to: <link>
The nickname of the winner in the last category will be displayed on the account maker for one month: <link>

Nilan @ 2016-03-26, 12:15
Easter 2016
Easter 2016

During the Easter bonuses 2x exp and 2x loot have been introduced.
You can expect raids of monsters and question-answer contests in game.
Bonuses lasts to 29.03.2016 23:59

Easter Lottery has started:

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