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Nilan @ 2016-09-24, 16:59
Demon Realm and CES
Demon Realm
CES 1800

There is NO new version of client!

New areas has been added: Demon Realm
Demon Realm is allowed from players with 1000+ level and it contains 5 respawns with new monsters and new quest: King of the Demon Realm.
Quest isn't finished, but you can begin it from now. It will require 14 players with 1400 level, each one in different class.
It may take you a long time, even few days to make a quest, but progress in will be saved even after server restart.
Full quest will be available in next update with new client, but you can start collecting energy containers required to that quest.

New CES for players with 1800+ level, you can get mission from NPC Evil Babidi.

New client and God Power Quest - part II soon!

Nilan @ 2016-09-13, 22:14
Contest 2x skill bonus

Nilan @ 2016-08-27, 09:59
Facebook - new FanPage

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